Flash sale on our Vitamin D Kits!


Significant Savings on our 25-OH Vitamin D Total ELISA kits!

April 20, 2018 -- For a very limited time, purchase our highly sensitive and specific 25-OH Vitamin D Total ELISA kit at a great promotional price! 

Our Vitamin D assay utilizes a novel sample pre-treatment step that is done completely in the well plate unlike competitor kits that require pretreatment in separate tubes. This feature makes the kit extremely easy to use and saves researchers valuable time. In addition, the assay is highly specific for 25-OH Vitamin D and shows very good cross-reactivity with both D2 and D3 forms.

Product Highlights (Cat# 90340)

Most convenient assay on the market

  •  No separate sample pre-treatment

  •  Entire assay done in the plate

  •  Compatible with liquid handling automation

  •  Room temperature incubation

  •  < 3 hour assay time

Highly specific and sensitive

  •  100% reactivity to 25-OH Vitamin D3
  •  ≥ 83% reactivity to 25-OH Vitamin D2
  •  ≤ 20% reactivity to 1,25-(OH)2 Vitamin D3
  •  ≤ 3% reactivity to 1,25-(OH)2 Vitamin D2,  Vitamin D3 or Vitamin D2
  •  LOD: 3 ng/mL

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