Introducing RapidYield Isotyping Dipsticks!


Cutting-Edge RapidYield Isotyping Dipsticks Simplify Analysis

January 2, 2017 -- Crystal Chem, Inc. proudly announces the newest additions to the RapidYield product line. The new Mouse, Rat, and Human RapidYield Isotyping Kits are innovative, highly sensitive 10 minute, rapid lateral flow isotyping kits for determining mouse, rat, and human monoclonal antibody classes.

The kits use cutting-edge technology to deliver more sensitivity than conventional latex-bead based dipstick assays and are much faster than ELISA-based isotyping assays. In addition, the Crystal Chem isotyping kits use highly specific antibodies  to significantly reduce the number of false-positives.

To run the assays, a test strip is dipped into a  small amount of diluted sample and then results are read within ten minutes.

Kit Highlights

Reliable, Accurate, and Sensitive
    • High sensitivity
    • Highly specific antibodies significantly reduce the number of false-positives
    • Comparable results to ELISA method

    • Results in 10 minutes; just add strip to diluted sample and read in 10 mins
    • Assess antibody purity within minutes (multiple lines appear and indicate
       subclass contamination)
    • Can be run with multiple sample types

Cost effective
    • Low cost per test
    • Save time compared to ELISA
    • Requires very small sample volumes

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