Peanut Lateral Flow Kit [Discontinued]

The Peanut Lateral Flow Kit is used to quantify levels of peanut in raw and processed food, and uses an innovative extraction method to more accurately detect allergen levels.

Product Specifications

Catalog # M2205
Sample Size 1 g
Tests 20
Sensitivity 5 ppm (peanut proteins/g food)
Assay Time 15 mins (excl. sample prep & extraction)
Storage 2-8°C
Methodology Lateral Flow, Qualitative
Specificity Peanut

Additional Info

This kit has been discontinued and replaced by M2265. The updated kit come with individually packaged extraction solution for ease of use.

Result of Interpretation:

- a) Positive: Positive test result is indicated by a red-purple line at observation area and a red line at confirmation area.

- b) Negative: Negative test result is indicated by a red line at confirmation area.

- *Re-test: No line is observed in both areas or red-purple line is only observed in observation area.