Peanut ELISA Kit

The Peanut ELISA Kit is used to quantify levels of peanut in raw and processed food, and uses an innovative extraction method to more accurately detect allergen levels.
  • Improved detection of allergens in raw and processed food
  • High sensitivity (0.31 ppm)
  • Dynamic range detectable by this kit is 0.31 – 20 ppm.
  • Common extraction solution among all kits
  • High recovery of allergen

Product Specifications

Catalog # M2104
Sample Size 1 g
Tests 96 wells
Sensitivity LOD / LOQ: 0.31 ppm
Assay Range 0.31 - 20 ppm
Storage 2-8°C
Methodology Sandwich ELISA, Quantitative
Specificity Peanut
Assay Summary Assay and protocol summary

Additional Info

Crystal Chem offers innovative food allergen ELISA and Lateral Flow kits which can effectively solubilize and extract proteins from processed and unprocessed food. These Morinaga kits use an innovative new extraction solution to achieve a high recovery rate of the target protein in both processed and unprocessed food.