Mouse Total Bile Acids Assay Kit

The Bile Acids Total Mouse Assay is used to quantify levels of total bile acids in mouse serum and plasma in less than 10 min.
  • Kit uses sample size of only 20 µL
  • Excellent correlation to ELISA method
  • Fast, 10 minute procedure
  • Protocol for liver and feces samples available
  • Designed for mouse samples

Product Specifications

Catalog # 80470
Sample Size 20 µL
Sample Types Serum, Plasma (customer protocols for bile acid in mice liver tissue, feces, and other applications available upon request)
Tests 96
Reagents Liquid/Powder
Assay Range 0 - 180 µmol/L
Assay Time < 15 mins
Precision CV: < 10%
Synonyms Mice Bile Acid Assay Kit
Regulatory Research Use Only
Distribution Worldwide
Assay Summary Assay and protocol summary

Additional Info

Bile acids are an important test for monitoring normal liver function. Bile acid is metabolized in the liver and is present in increased concentrations with abnormal liver function. This assay can be used to measure bile acid concentrations in mice in a wide variety of applications including mouse serum, liver, bile, feces, and intestine.

Optional products to use with this kit: 

Control For Mouse Total Bile Acids Assay Kit


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