Mouse Homocysteine Assay Kit

The Homocysteine Mouse Assay is used to quantify levels of homocysteine in mouse serum and plasma in less than 15 min.
  • Kit uses sample size of only 20 µL, ideal for mouse applications
  • Excellent correlation to HPLC and ELISA method
  • Can be run manually or fully automated on a wide range of instruments
  • Less than 15 minute procedure
  • Read absorbance at 660 nm

Product Specifications

Catalog # 80444
Sample Size 20 µL
Sample Types Serum, plasma
Tests 96
Reagents Liquid Stable
Assay Range 4 - 40 µmol/L
Assay Time 15 mins
Precision CV: < 10%
Synonyms Mouse HCY Kit
Regulatory Research Use Only
Distribution Worldwide