Mouse Glucose Assay Kit

The Glucose Mouse Assay is used to quantify levels of glucose in mouse serum, plasma, and urine using only a 2 µL sample volume.
  • Easy-to-use, results in 5 minutes
  • Kits use a sample size of only 2 μL
  • For use with serum, plasma, and urine
  • Designed for mouse samples

Product Specifications

Catalog # 81692
Sample Size 2 µL
Sample Types Serum, plasma, and urine
Tests 96
Assay Range 0 - 675 mg/dL
Assay Time 5 mins
Precision CV: < 10%
Synonyms Mice Glucose Assay Kit
Regulatory Research Use Only
Distribution Worldwide
Assay Summary Assay and protocol summary

Additional Info

Crystal Chem's Mouse Glucose kit offers customers an innovative, fast, and highly accurate method for the detection of glucose in a 2 uL sample of mouse serum, plasma, or urine.

It is the only kit on the market that offers customers the ability to run multiple serum, plasma, or urine mouse samples in a quick and easy-to-use microplate format. The kit covers a wide dynamic range and uses a very small sample volume, essential when working with mouse samples. The kit is not affected by normal amounts of common anticoagulants (such as citrate, and ETDA) and shows minimal effect from hemolysis.

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Chhabra, Kavaljit H., et al. "Reduced renal sympathetic nerve activity contributes to elevated glycosuria and improved glucose tolerance in hypothalamus-specific Pomc knockout mice." Molecular Metabolism 2017; 6: 1274-1285.  Read more