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Mouse Creatinine Assay Kit (Enzymatic)

Price : $225.00

Catalog #: 80350
Sample Size: < 10 ┬ÁL
Sample Types: Serum, Urine
Tests: 96
Reagents: Liquid Stable
Assay Range: 0.15 - 13.5 mg/dL in Serum
0.15 - 141 mg/dL in Urine
Assay Time: < 30 mins
Precision: CV: < 10%
Methodology: Enzymatic
Regulatory: Research Use Only
Distribution: Worldwide

Product Details

    • Fully enzymatic method with significantly reduced interference compared to Jaffe method (picric acid), which has been
      shown to significantly overestimate creatinine levels in mice
    • Excellent correlation to ELISA method
    • CV's < 10%

Cost effective
    • Low cost per test
    • Requires less than 10 μL sample ideal for mouse applications

    • Can be run manually or fully automated on a wide range of instruments
    • Less than 30 minute procedure

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