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Gluten (Gliadin) Lateral Flow Kit

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Catalog #: M2203
Sample Size: 1 g
Tests: 20 tests
Sensitivity: 5 ppm (wheat protein/g food)
4 ppm (gluten protein/g food)
Assay Time: 15 mins (excl. sample prep & extraction)
Storage: 2-8°C
Methodology: Lateral Flow, Qualitative
Specificity: Gliadin

Product Details

- Improved detection of allergens in raw and processed food using innovative
  extraction solution
- Same extraction procedure across all food allergens
- No need for multiple extraction procedures
- High sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility
- 5 ppm for wheat (4 ppm for gluten)
- Fast, easy to use assay

Result of Interpretation:

- a) Positive: Positive test result is indicated by a red-purple line at observation area and a red line at confirmation area.

- b) Negative: Negative test result is indicated by a red line at confirmation area.

- *Re-test: No line is observed in both areas or red-purple line is only observed in observation area.

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