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Gluten (Gliadin) ELISA Kit

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Catalog #: M2103
Sample Size: 1 g
Tests: 96 wells
Sensitivity: 0.26 ppm Gluten
0.31 ppm Wheat
Assay Range: Standard Assay:
0.26 - 17 ppm Gluten
0.31 - 20 ppm Wheat

High Range Assay:
1.05 - 68 ppm Gluten
1.24 - 80 ppm Wheat
Storage: 2-8°C
Methodology: Sandwich ELISA, Quantitative
Specificity: Gliadin
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Product Details

Crystal Chem offers an innovative Gluten (Gliadin) ELISA kit for the improved detection of gluten in raw & processed foods. The kit is manufactured by Morinaga Institute and utilizes a proprietary extraction solution to effectively measure wheat (and accordingly gluten) from both raw and processed foods.

The gluten kit is 10 lab validated and is cited by the FDA as a method that will be used to determine compliance with its recent Gluten Free Food Labeling Rule finalized in August 2014.

Kit Highlights

Innovative Extraction Solution Allows For Improved Detection of Gluten
    • Allows for high recovery of proteins, notably in processed food such as pasta, cookies, breads, cereals, ready-to-serve
      meals, beverages, etc.

Same extraction procedure across all food allergens including milk, wheat, and peanut
    • No need for multiple extractions - other manufacturers require different extraction procedures per allergen
    • Saves customers both time and money

High Sensitivity, Accuracy, and Reproducibility
    • Limit of detection (LOD) for kits as low as 0.26 ppm Gluten
    • Intra-assay and inter-assay precisions of < 10%

Used by FDA As A Method For Regulatory Enforcement of Gluten Free Rule
    • Kit provides confidence that food products meet regulatory guidelines

Useful Publications
1)Panda, Rakhi, et al. "Detection and Quantification of Gluten during the Brewing and Fermentation of Beer Using Antibody-Based Technologies." Journal of Food Protection 78(6), 1167-1177.

Excerpt: “The sensitivity of the MIoBS [Morinaga] ELISA (0.25 ppm) enabled the reliable detection of gluten throughout the manufacturing process, including fermentation, when the initial concentration of 20 μg/ml dropped to 2 μg/ml. The R5 antibody–based and G12 antibody–based sandwich ELISAs were unable to reliably detect gluten, initially at 20 μg/ml, after the onset of production..”

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Crystal Chem also offers food allergen kits for Egg, Milk, Buckwheat, and Peanut. For more information on the gluten kit or other allergen kits, including placing an order, please click here.