CHO Host Cell Protein (HCP) ELISA Kits

Our new line of generic CHO HCP kits utilize a new approach towards generic ELISA. Rather than offering a single assay, four assays are provided each employing a different anti-HCP antibody. Customers can then choose the assay which gives the best coverage for their process.

Using this new approach, our kits have demonstrated better recovery than Cygnus kits in over 65% of samples tested.

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How CHO|360-HCP ELISA works


How the antibodies were generated


Polyclonal HCP antiserum was generated by immunizing rabbits and goats with HCP derived from mock transfected CHO-K1 and CHO-S cells combined with a unique approach for antigen and antibody preparation as well as an optimized purification strategy.

We used differently prepared antigens: total HCP or fractionated HCP. Each HCP fraction was used individually for immunization resulting in four different HCP ELISA kits (type A to D) that together build up the enhanced generic CHO|360-HCP assay.


Product specs and other Info

Product specifications:

  • LOD between 0.5 – 1.0 ng/mL
  • LOQ between 2 – 3 ng/mL
  • Working range 2 – 100 ng/mL

Other information:

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