Our food allergen ELISA kits use an innovative extraction solution which allows testing labs and manufacturers to reliably detect allergens in raw & processed foods. These ELISA kits are 10 lab validated. The kits are manufactured by Morinaga Institute and are used by government agencies, including the FDA.

One of the main advantages of the kits is its ability to detect allergens in processed foods. These processed foods can be subjected to processing treatments such as heating, pressurization, sterilization etc. during which proteins contained in the food are often denatured in various manners. The extraction buffer contains surfactant and reducing agents in order to extract such proteins.

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Product Name Catalog # Format
Product Name Catalog # Format
Beta-lactoglobulin ELISA M2112 96 wells
Buckwheat ELISA M2115 96 wells
Casein ELISA M2102 96 wells
Casein Lateral Flow Kit M2202 20 strips
Egg (Ovalbumin) ELISA M2101 96 wells
Egg (Ovalbumin) Lateral Flow Kit M2201 20 strips
Gluten (Gliadin) ELISA M2103 96 wells
Gluten (Gliadin) Lateral Flow Kit M2203 20 strips
Peanut ELISA M2104 96 wells
Peanut Lateral Flow Kit M2205 20 strips
Soy ELISA M2117 96 wells
Vitamin A Food ELISA 71051 96 wells
Vitamin D Food ELISA 72051 96 wells