Egg (Ovomucoid) Rapid Test Easy Kit [Lateral Flow]

The Egg (Ovomucoid) Rapid Test Easy Kit is used to quantify levels of egg (ovomucoid) of soluble protein such as those found in rinse water samples or surface swabbing.
  • Fast, easy-to-use, two piece test kit
  • For rinse water or surface swabbing of soluble proteins
  • Sensitivity of 0.5 ppm for egg
  • Solution from one swab kit can be used with other Rapid Test Easy kits to detect multiple allergens from one sample

Product Specifications

Catalog # M2241
Sample Size 200 µL rinse water or sample extract
Tests 10
Sensitivity 0.5 ppm of egg (ovomucoid)
Assay Time 10 mins
Storage 2-8°C
Methodology Lateral Flow, Qualitative
Specificity Ovomucoid

Additional Info

To use the kit, simply swab a surface and then immerse the swab in the self-contained solution bottle. After a quick shake, apply a few drops of the resulting solution to the test stick, incubate for 10mins, and then check the results in the test window. This rapid kit needs almost no sample preparation time before running the assay.

EastTestKit Diagram