Egg (Ovalbumin) Rapid Test Pro II Kit [Lateral Flow]

The Egg (Ovalbumin) Rapid Test Pro II Kit is used to quantify levels of egg (ovalbumin) in raw and processed food, and uses an innovative extraction method to more accurately detect allergen levels. Regents supplied ready-to-use.
  • Improved detection of allergens in raw and processed food
  • Innovative extraction solution
  • High sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility – 5ppm
  • Fast, easy to use assay

Product Specifications

Catalog # M2261
Sample Size 1 g of food or 100 µL extract
Tests 10
Sensitivity 5 ppm of ovalbumin
Assay Time 15 mins (excl. sample prep & extraction)
Storage 2-8°C
Methodology Lateral Flow, Qualitative
Specificity Ovalbumin

Additional Info

These kits come with pipettes, swabs, and individually packaged extraction solution packs to expedite measurements with these easy-to-use tests. The strips and reagents can be used to measure ovalbumin in raw or processed foods, on surfaces, or in rinse water samples.

ProTestKit Diagram