Egg (Ovalbumin) ELISA Kit II

The Egg (Ovalbumin) ELISA Kit II is used to quantify levels of in raw and processed food, and uses an innovative extraction method to more accurately detect allergen levels. Type II kit does not contain hazardous reagents.
  • Improved detection of allergens in raw and processed food
  • High sensitivity with dynamic range of 0.31 – 20 ppm
  • Does not contain hazardous reagents
  • Common extraction solution for all Type II and Rapid Pro kits

Product Specifications

Catalog # M2111
Sample Size 1 g
Sample Types Raw and processed foods
Tests 96 wells
Sensitivity 0.31 ppm
Assay Range 0.31 - 20 ppm
Assay Time < 2hrs (excl. sample prep & extraction)
Precision CV < 10%
Storage 2-8°C
Methodology Sandwich ELISA, Quantitative, Type II
Specificity Ovalbumin

Additional Info

Crystal Chem offers an innovative Egg (Ovalbumin) ELISA Kit II for the improved detection of egg (ovalbumin) in raw & processed foods. The kit is manufactured by Morinaga Institute and utilizes a proprietary extraction solution to effectively measure egg (ovalbumin) protein from both raw and processed foods. The updated, Type II, kit uses a non-hazardous extraction solution to achieve the same sensitivity as the previous version.