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Crystal Chem

Diabetes & Obesity

Using our advanced technology, you can gain accurate and precise results.

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Food Safety Kits

Innovative kits for food safety & analysis:

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Other Essentials

We offer a diverse line of products used for various research and diagnostic applications.

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Research & Diagnostic Kits: Diabetes, Food Allergens, DNA/RNA Purification, & More

Crystal Chem Inc. is a leading provider of high quality life science products. We specialize in providing high quality research and diagnostic kits to the scientific community. Our portfolio of products include rat & mouse insulin ELISA kits, rat & mouse leptin ELISA kits, food allergen kits, DNA purification kits, and RNA purification kits. With over twenty years of experience, our reach extends globally and we serve customers around world. With a unique customer driven culture, we pride ourself in our service, customer committment, and ability to offer high quality products at affordable prices.